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Low illumination camera and infrared lamp
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Low intensity of illumination camera was introduced in recent years, with the development of semiconductor technology and monitoring of industry products. Has been widely used in finance, wenbo, hotels, office buildings, residential area property management, etc. Due to the traditional camera is difficult to meet the 24-hour continuous monitoring (because it can't possibly be turn on the light in any place do 24 hours) of demand, the new technology of ultra low illumination camera to seize the opportunity of a rapid development.

  Generally low intensity of illumination cameras are mostly adopt ExviewHAD technology, adopting ExviewHADCCD cameras, to the outside world it will greatly improve the sensitivity of light, in the near infrared region, its sensitivity can be increased to four times that of ordinary camera, such as (figure 1). Therefore, even in a very dark environment, this kind of camera is often can see the human eye can't see the object, the emergence of this technology was welcomed by monitoring the market, for a variety of lighting environment all can show the best effect, especially with special infrared lighting, can get high definition of black and white images, achieve zero illumination monitoring (light) completely. In near infrared 800 mm - 1100 mm of the near infrared region, if proper wavelengths of infrared lighting, can achieve clear black and white image.

  Similarly obtained under low illumination image method of single frame charge accumulation, by increasing the exposure of CCD in the single frame image, thus improve the sensitivity of the cameras in a single frame image. This way also can get the low intensity of illumination, but you need to reduce the degree of coherence of the image, so choose this camera when should pay attention to as far as possible not to use with yuntai, otherwise it will cause loss phenomenon of the picture. On the obtained under low illumination image and some other way, but cannot fundamentally solve the problem of illumination.

  In addition, when choosing using low illumination cameras and infrared lamp pay attention to the points.

  First, you must select the appropriate lens. In order to improve the sensitivity of the camera to infrared lamp and scenery, should choose a large quantity of the optical lens as far as possible, and pay attention to when using automatic variable lens aperture or electric second, as far as possible to open the drive level value of the large aperture. Because general with the increase of the focal length of lens, the light will be less, when choosing infrared lamp to be kept a certain allowance, and pay attention to the nominal lamp target.

  Second, selection of infrared lamp electrical power should as far as possible to meet the required minimum, not enough distance often happens.

  Third, want to consider are a reflection of video scene, due to the infrared have the same features such as reflection, refraction, visible light, therefore, glance around the target scene if you don't have good environment, such as buildings, walls, signs should be considered when a certain distance allowance.


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